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IAYG Communications Directors Present at the University of Phillipine’s Virtual GeogSoc Consortium

15 January 2021  •  Monica Mendoza

Above: Select moment from Monica Mendoza’s presentation on behalf of IAYG

From January 14-15, 2021, the Geographic Society of UP (UP GeogSoc) held the inaugural
edition of the GeogSoc Consortium, a 2-day virtual forum and workshop that brought together
mapping organizations and initiatives lead, whole or in part, by organization’s powerful alumni.
These organizations use mapping tools in order to bring about change and progress in the
advocacies they spearhead. The consortium is part of a series of events in UP GeogSoc’s


The lead conveners or their representatives were invited to expound on their initiatives and
advocacies, as well as their programs and events that were instrumental in their engagement with
multiple communities. The invited organizations were the Ministry of Mapping, MapBeks,
Geoladies, Mental Health aWHEREness, The UP Resilience Institute YouthMappers, and the
IAYG. The consortium was facilitated by Ma. Simeona Martinez, Assistant Professor
from the University of the Philippines Department of Geography.

IAYG was represented by Monica Mendoza, Global Director for Communications and
Public Affairs, and Kyle Singson, Deputy Global Director for Communications and Public
Affairs. They were able to present on Day 2 of the consortium along with M of M and Geoladies.
Ms. Monica first shared about the IAYG commitment to provide every child and
opportunity to engage in the world and its push for its grassroots program at the community
level, as part of its vision, mission, and goals. She followed it up with the family’s engagements
with UP GeogSoc’s Philippine Geography Olympiad and the International Geographical Union’s
Young and Early Career Geographers Task Force.

Monica also shared the highly successful programs and partnerships that IAYG had in the previous
year. These includes the following:

  • The inaugural edition of the Kerala State Geography and Global Studies Challenge that is
    due to become national in scope this 2021;
  •  The hybrid sessions of the 3rd African Youth SDGs Summit in Ghana where IAYG hosted
    a side event – Mapping Resilient Communities – along with UN Mappers;
  • The partnership with the 2020 SDGs and Academic Research Conference of Youth
    Legacy Ghana and;
  • The first edition of IAYG’s Mapping Horizon GIS Competition where we received
    dozens of submissions.

She capped off the presentation with an invitation to like, follow, and subscribe to IAYG’s newly
re-launched social media pages.
The IAYG is pleased with the opportunity given by the GeogSoc Consortium to be able
to share our programs and initiatives geared towards grassroots empowerment across the world.
We would also like to congratulate UP GeogSoc for the successful event!


Kyle Singson

[email protected]