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Seventh edition of Revista RELEG announced

The seventh edition of the introductory academic exercise for undergraduates in Latin America will focus on rural development, tourism, and issues of environmental and educational equity, and will feature a cover conceptualized by IAYG Graphic Design specialist Jasmine Wu.

6 July 2020

We are excited to announce the imminent release of the seventh edition of Revista RELEG! The latest journal was one of our most diverse with 10 submissions from across Latin America but with a focus in Costa Rice, Chile, Brazil, and Mexico. This edition delves into urban and rural problems occuring from enviromental destruction, tourism, and gentrification. An especially unique portion of this edition is the variety of submissions featured in the jounrals – from fictional peices and legends to enviromental analysis. Together, the interdisciplinary mixture of fictional peices and novel scientific and geographical research allows for greater contextualization of enviromental destruction and problems occuring due to tourism and gentrification. Previously, our editions were comprised purely of research and data analysis and we hope that these new additions make our seventh edition more enjoyable and comprehensive!

Creating Edition Seven of REVISTA Releg would not be possible without the collaboration across Latin America and the collaboration between the IAYG Family and the editorial team. Articles from all over Latin America were submitted to Tamar Puchi ([email protected]) who  managed submissions and feedback to members. Once all the accepted submissions were compiled, the IAYG Family North America Team had extensive meetings with the RELEG editorial teams about visions for the seventh edition and how to best honor all the submissions. Jasson Mussio ([email protected]) – a member of the RELEG editorial team –  acted as a wonderful translator between IAYG Family and RELEG and without him the creation of this edition would have been near impossible. Finally, the IAYG Digital Administration Team diagrammed the journal to the RELEG teams vision and contacted Jasmine Wu to develop the beautiful cover art!

Update 20/7/20: Read the Seventh Edition of Releg REVISTA here!


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