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Mapping for Peace Presentation

UN Mappers, IAYG organize virtual presentation on Mapping for Peace

16 November 2020  •  Kyle Singson and Phillip Meng

Video: UN Mappers and IAYG organized a live interview and presentation on the UN Mappers programme at the 3rd African Youth SDGs Summit 

On Wednesday, 4 November 2020, UN Mappers (a division of the United Nations Department of Operations Support) and IAYG hosted a virtual event open to the public and to participants in the 3rd African Youth SDGs Summit. The event began with an interview conducted by James Magige, IAYG’s moderator for the event. Mr. Magige, a GIS, environmental, and geographic data professional from Nairobi, joined the event from Mogadishu, Somalia, one of UN Mappers’ most significant areas of work in recent months. He interviewed Michael Montani of UN Mappers, who described some of the group’s priorities and projects since formation.

After the interview, Mr. Montani continued with an hourlong introductory presentation on the UN Mappers programme. In recent months, UN Mappers has brought together an international community of mappers to support UN peacekeeping and other operations in Somalia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic, and more countries. The event coincided with a launch of UN Mappers’ mapathons for Mali, a country with a significant UN presence. Their platform makes it possible for citizen volunteers, including youth & students of all ages, to help advance critical global goals through participatory mapping. You can learn more about UN Mappers’ work at

Among the guests were participants from the 3rd African Youth SDGs Summit, including Dr. Lawalley Cole, summit patron and Director of the Coalition on Media and Education for Development Africa Forum (CAFOR) at the African Union Commission. A condensed and edited version of the presentation is now available to all online.

The event was greatly affected by the Summit’s severe technical difficulties with virtual programming, which derailed several of the Summit’s side events. As IAYG President Phillip Meng, who helped moderate the side event, stated after the release of the video, “that was certainly one of the most difficult events I have encountered. We are grateful to both the attendees and especially to Mr. Montani for their commitment to the event even amid the Summit’s difficulties. That said, we are pleased to share an easy-to-watch video of the presentation. We know that our audience will recognize the great importance of UN Mappers’ work and I hope more people will get involved.”

Picture: Screenshot from the UMN Presentation


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