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Introducing #GenerationPeace

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, IAYG Family launches new peacebuilding and global awareness education campaign

15 August 2020

Today, the IAYG Family’s new #GenerationPeace programme launched as activities restarted in Rwanda. A core addition to IAYG’s mission of expanding geographic education and global awareness, #GenerationPeace will be a unifying programme for a series of education modules and volunteerism activities. 

The name symbolizes the importance of digital and social engagement for the future expansion of the programme. As IAYG Family President Phillip Meng noted, “we hope this program is disemminated as widely as possible. We’ll do our part to launch it among projects and programmes in our network, but what we’d really like to do is to share it with other organizations working in this area to amplify the impact. That will be one of our big focuses moving forward.” 

#GenerationPeace begins with launch activities in Rwanda, alongside the release of five lesson plans and five educational modules. The lesson plans and modules, whose creation was led by the team of Specialists Alex Gee and Lucas Manfield, each cover one of five themes: women’s and girl’s rights, interpersonal conflict resolution, children’s rights, the UN and international agencies, and civil society and non-governmental organizations. This year, as part of our efforts to enable use of programme materials by other groups, IAYG is also creating a new open-source folder for lesson plans. #GenerationPeace modules will be among the first to debut in this programme, which will also support its use as it is disseminated and gradually implemented.

Front covers of the first five lesson plans created for #GenerationPeace

The road to the Rwanda launch event wasn’t easy. Printing for launch materials was suddenly suspended due to a COVID-19 lockdown, and even when the banner was printed, frequent buses used to transport the materials no longer ran. In the end, though, thanks to the splendid work of the Rwanda team, led by Director Ladislas Nkundbanyanga, the materials arrived for the launch. Everything worked out on launch day: only, masks on and two metres apart. •


Monica May Mendoza

Global Director, Communications and Public Affairs

[email protected]