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IAYG Geographic and Global Education and IGU Young and Early Career Geographers deepen collaboration; support new programs

Pictures from recent IGU-YECG events, Credit: IGU-YECG, Komali Yenneti, Gaurav Sikka

12 JANUARY 2020

Deepening the IAYG family’s partnership with and support for the International Geographical Union (IGU)’s Young and Early Career Geographers Taskforce, and building on the success of IGU-YECG/IAYG-supported events at the Institute of Australian Geographers summit in Hobart, the organizations will support research prizes and a symposium at IGU 2020 in Istanbul.

At the end of 2019, IAYG Family President Phillip Meng spoke with Komali Yenneti and Gaurav Sikka, Director and Treasurer of the International Geographical Union Young and Early Career Geographers Taskforce (IGU-YECG) to plan programmes for the year ahead. In the meeting, Mr. Meng confirmed that IAYG Geographic & Global Education will deepen its long-held support for the International Geographical Union (IGU) Young and Early Career Geographers Taskforce. Throughout 2020, the IAYG Family will invest in IGU-YECG’s digital presence, expand collaboration for the introduction of a new student journal focused on geography & global studies in the Asia-Pacific region, jointly organize a young geographers’ Best Paper event at the 34th International Geographic Congress in Istanbul, and develop partnerships for career development programmes.

IAYG and IGU-YECG began partnership discussions in 2017. Today, the Taskforce’s website and digital programming is hosted in partnership with IAYG. Additionally, IAYG and IGU-YECG have partnered to introduce new programs aimed at supporting young geographers, including IAYG’s new GeoInterns project, as well as young geographers’ best paper awards and other events offered jointly by IGU-YECG and IAYG at the IGU conference in Québec (2018), the IGU-India event in Guwahati (2019), and Institute of Australian Geographers conference in Hobart, Tasmania (2019). 

Asked to comment, Mr. Meng noted that “we think of IGU-YECG as being part of the ‘extended IAYG Family’. Our goal has been to make our support and collaboration as extensive as any other IAYG Family team. I’m grateful to Komali, Gaurav, and the entire IGU-YECG team for joining us in supporting the future of students and young researchers in geography and global studies, and to the International Geographical Union for their continued pioneering support of early career geographers.”

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