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Check Out Our New Social Media

IAYG Family Expands Social Media Presence

30 November 202o  •  Kyle Singson

Picture: Social Media Profiles for IAYGFamily are listed

The IAYG Family is proud to announce that it has successfully expanded its presence across social
media platforms to better engage a wider audience through newsletters, informative articles and
short features. 
IAYG Family President Phillip Meng said that the launching of “strong and responsive” social media
pages are part of the organization’s communications transformation plan. He hopes that through
these pages, it would be easier for young geographers to connect with IAYG. Kyle Singson, Deputy
Director for Communications, echoed the same sentiments and is “absolutely excited” of things to
Global Director for Programme Development Rishi Gorrepati said social media has been especially
useful in delivering relevant projects as they are unable to physically convene during the COVID-19
pandemic. “We will still continue hosting events such as the Kerala State Geography and Global
Studies Challenge Finals, where the entirety of the competition was live-streamed and conducted
Rishi also shared with us that the 2020 Mapping Horizons GIS Competition was able to gather a greater
number of registrants through the social media platforms. 
The Facebook and Twitter pages were launched on the 20th of September, while the Instagram and
Youtube channel were launched early October. 
We hope to use our expanded online platform to reach more young geographers around the world.
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