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Kerala Geography Challenge Kicks Off With Over a Hundred Participants 

22 September 2020

On 20 September, IAYG kicked off the Kerala State Geography and Global Studies Challenge, marking the start of the first such competition in the state. 

103 participants hailing from fifteen schools throughout the state joined the preliminary rounds, which began at 9:30am and lasted through the morning. 

The competition consisted of six oral rounds and two written rounds. Out of the six oral rounds, two of the rounds featured special themes. One of them asked participants to practice their cartography skills by identifying points on a map. Another challenged students through a three-part follow up round called “Zoom In!” In this round, participants were first asked a question about a continent, before proceeding to a question about a country, and then to a city, for up to  earn three points. In the written rounds, all the contestants were asked a question, then displayed the answers on a piece of paper. 

The virtual format of the competition was tailored to pandemic conditions. Sonnet Salice, Project and Coordination Lead, described the format as: “For the preliminary round, there were 10 “rooms” for the competition (the rooms being Google Meet Group Calls). Each room had one reader and one moderator who acted as a scorekeeper. 

We congratulate the following finalists: 

Harith Mohan (Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir Elamakkara, 7th), Johanna Esther N (Holy Angel’s School ISC, 8th),  Vinayak S (Loyola School, 7th),  Kishan Sivadas (Loyola School, 7th),  Rhea Ann Roy (Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir Elamakkara, 9th),  Rohit Rakesh (Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir Elamakkara, 9th),  Shivshankar S (Loyola School, 10th),  Adithya A (Cochin Refineries School, 9th),  Deekshita S (Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir Elamakkara, 9th),  Surya R  (Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir Elamakkara, 9th),  Gautham Krishna K. (Loyola School, 11th)  and   Padmanabh M.R. (Cochin Refineries School, 9th).

The competition is still in continuation, with makeup rounds for participants who were absent ongoing throughout the week. Based on the performance of the participants in the makeup rounds, they may be added to the list of finalists as well. The finals are going to be held on the 27th of September, which will be live-streamed on IAYG’s Facebook page ( 

Speaking after the competition, participant Rhea Ann Roy said, “I literally liked everything about the competition and I wholeheartedly thank the IAYG Family for organizing such a competition.” The credit goes to the volunteer moderators and readers who made the competition possible, including a group of students from Kerala University. Mr. Salice especially shares his thanks to Mr. Midhun Manohar, a PhD scholar at the University of Kerala who is working on an association called the “Centre for Social Science (C4SS),” who was responsible for contacts of many volunteers. 

Rishi Gorrepati, the Programme Chair, stated that he would like to “show gratitude to the IAYG Family Content Development Team for their hard work and dedication to making high-quality questions that the students and moderators both loved answering and learning from.” When asked about the significance of the competition, Mr. Gorrepati spoke about emphasizing the role of geographic education in becoming a global citizen and said “I would like to applaud all the participants today for taking initiative to learn more about the world around them and recognizing the importance of geography in creating a sustainable and interconnected future with young people such as yourselves as leaders!”

With the finals coming up, Mr. Salice, Mr. Gorrepati, and their fellow local and international team members are working hard to provide excellent platforms to young geography enthusiasts in Kerala to hone as well as to display their geographical expertise. 



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Program Director in Kerala

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