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Kyle Vincent Singson named next Deputy Communications Director

Mr. Singson will join longtime collaborator Monica May Mendoza, Director for Communications and Public Affairs, as the IAYG overhauls its communications efforts.

10 August 2020

Today, Kyle Vincent Singson of the National Capital Region, the Philippines, was named the Deputy Global Director for Communications and Public Affairs of the IAYG Family, joining longtime collaborator Monica May Mendoza, who is now serving as Global Director. Ms. Mendoza and Mr. Singson have worked together since they were students at the University of the Philippines, from where both have graduated in the last couple years. Mr. Singson will take a leadership role on internal and external communications with new partners, critical at a moment when IAYG is committed to strengthening and completely modernizing its communications programme to facilitate efficient internal operations and reliable external partnerships.  

IAYG warmly welcomes Mr. Singson to the team. He joins Ms. Mendoza, as well as Aaron Francisco, Global Director for Operations and Impact Planning, as Filipinos in the international leadership of the IAYG. 

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Rishi Gorrepati

Global Director, Program Development

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