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IAYG Rwanda Clubs for Peace Programme Teaches Human Rights to Over 900 Students

30 December 2019

Throughout the month of December, IAYG Clubs for Peace in Rwanda brought a new education workshop on human rights to over one thousand students in Nyabihu District, Western Province, Rwanda. Human rights education, as a critical component of geographic and global awareness and a foundational part of global citizenship, has been one of our top focuses in Rwanda. This programme, whose design was led by IAYG President Phillip Meng, is part of our expanding efforts towards that goal. 

The workshop centres around the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the landmark thirty-article declaration adopted in 1948 to describe the intrinsic rights shared by young people. Worksheets given to students condensed these into a dozen abbreviated rights, explored through a series of exercises. Students discussed what constitutes violations of rights, how rights apply to children, and actions to defend human rights. 


In fact, the workshop’s introduction coincided with the anniversary of the Declaration’s adoption by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December. After printing, the new workshop was first introduced to students on the 14th of December, when Rwanda Clubs for Peace visited three hundred students, with the support of the Pentecostal church. The events continued throughout the week. As Mr. Meng explained, “this has been one of the most interesting programs to work on. The introduction of the human rights workshop was timed for one of the busiest programmatic periods, when the team is working on the Football and Sport for Peace exercises, which has immediately widened the workshop’s dissemination!”

Mr. Meng also shared that he hoped these materials will soon be used by other organizations and networks, as part of IAYG’s efforts to support other organizations with similar missions.

IAYG Clubs for Peace looks forward to continue the focus on and expand human rights education exercises, with improved modules, in 2020. 

Left: Corresponding pages from the instructional guide and handout, respectively, for the workshop. IAYG plans to release all modules for public use in the future.


Ladislas Kazzady Nkundabanyanga

National Director, Rwanda

IAYG, Clubs for Peace Programme

[email protected]


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