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With Brandon Warren, Hope Wins

Brandon Warren founded We LIVE, an IAYG Family-supported organization, to bring attention to gun violence in places where it is unheard. Now, having published his first book detailing his experience, he’s inspiring the next kid that comes along.

25 December 2019

Three years after tragically losing his teammate and friend Dijon Anderson to gun violence, and inspiring a movement to take on this challenge once and for all, Brandon Warren of Indianapolis, United States has published the memoir “B Inspired.” Warren is the kind of person to inspire. When he lost Dijon, Brandon did more than mourn: he founded the We LIVE movement in honor of him to lead young people against gun violence. He grew the movement to organize Peace Walks/Community Days in Indianapolis that have hosted thousands of people and have had guest appearances from numerous members of Congress and state representatives. And he has brought his inspiring story to more people, advocating for change. 

As an activist and mentor, he has been featured on national television and has become the face of anti-violence movements across the nation. Through meeting all the people affected by youth violence, Brandon Warren was inspired to write and publish “B Inspired” – a memoir drawing on Brandon Warren’s personal experiences with youth violence and supporting young people through activism, mentorship, and community leadership. We celebrate Brandon and his accomplishments, and encourage you to learn more about him and his story here.

Gun violence is the second-largest cause of death among teens and young adults in the United States. And in places like the urban core of Indianapolis — communities too often ignored by media and popular press — hundreds of young people are dying from this plague. The IAYG Family is committed to helping We LIVE expand and build strength for its message. The fight against gun violence needs a strong youth voice. To learn more about We LIVE’s extraordinary work in Indianapolis, please reach out to Destiny Hatcher at [email protected]. To join the movement and help support our national expansion, please reach out to Rishi Gorrepati at [email protected].


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