#GenerationPeace: Beginning a new campaign for peacebuilding through education

15 August 2020 |  #GenerationPeace begins with a launch event in Rwanda, and five pairs of lesson plans and educational modules. 

Going Virtual: IAYG will host Kerala Geography & Global Studies Challenge on 20 September 2020

7 August 2020 |  In one of the largest virtual events organized during the COVID-19 pandemic, the IAYG Family will host Kerala’s first statewide competition in geography & global studies on 20 September.


From Manila to the World: Geographic Society of the University of the Philippines and the IAYG Organize Philippine Geography Olympiad

18 March 2020  |  The Geographic Society of the University of the Philippines (the official IAYG-affiliated student branch at the University of the Philippines), the UP Department of Geography, and the IAYG Family were pleased to present the Philippine Geography Olympiad at the ICE Auditorium of the University of the Philippines-Diliman campus from 7-8 March, 2020.


Organization Notice: How the COVID-19 Pandemic May Impact Our Networks and Activities

25 March 2020 | Last updated 7 August 2020 | With respect to the decisions of public health authorities, COVID-19 will significantly impact our network’s plans for programmes, events, and reporting.

IAYG Geographic and Global Education and IGU Young and Early Career Geographers continue partnership

12 January 2020  |  Continuing the IAYG family’s partnership with the International Geographical Union (IGU)’s Young and Early Career Geographers Taskforce, and building on the success of IGU-YECG/IAYG-supported events at the Institute of Australian Geographers summit in Hobart, the organizations will support partner events at IGU 2020 in Istanbul.

With Brandon Warren, Hope Wins: Founder of We LIVE, an IAYG Family-supported Organization, Inspires Others with New Book

25 December 2019  |  Brandon Warren founded We LIVE, an IAYG Family-supported organization, to bring attention to gun violence in places where it is unheard. Now, having published his first book detailing his experience, he’s inspiring the next kid that comes along.

Illuminating Rights: IAYG Rwanda Clubs for Peace Programme Teaches Human Rights to Over 900 Students

30 December 2019  |  More than 900 students in Nyabihu District joined our events over the month of December for human rights and civic engagement education, critical components of global citizenship and awareness.


Putting Development on the Map: IAYG Liberia organizes country’s first GIS Day at the University of Liberia

18 November 2019  |  On Wednesday, IAYG Geographic & Global Education Liberia and the Liberian Geographical Society, a subsidiary organization of IAYG Liberia, launched Liberia’s first-ever GIS day at the Fendall Campus of the University of Liberia, joined by representatives of Liberian government and international organizations to celebrate the role of GIS technology in national development and the future of geographic education in the country.



Kyle Vincent Singson named next Deputy Communications Director

Mr. Singson joins longtime collaborator Monica May Mendoza, Director for Communications and Public Affairs, as the IAYG overhauls its communications efforts.


Due to IGC 2020’s postponement, the IAYG/IGU-YECG Paper Session in Istanbul, Turkey will not take place until 2021

In response to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers of the 34th International Geographical Congress in Istanbul, Turkey has postponed the event to August 16-20, 2021. The IAYG/IGU-YECG paper session will also be postponed.


Congratulations to Ken Jennings, contributor to IAYG’s Question of the Week, on winning the Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time Tournament

The IAYG Family wishes a special congratulations to Ken Jennings, who has generously contributed questions in his free time to the IAYG Question of the Week feature since 2018.

Welcome to our new website for news and media around the IAYG Family

We’re excited to introduce this continuously updated, official page for news and information from projects and programmes in our network! The IAYG Family is a network of changemakers in geographic, global, and civic education: a small start to a more global and informed world.